A Curious Mind

Did curiosity really kill the cat or was it framed? 

Most of us assume we're curious but are you curious enough?

How Curious Are You?

If we agree all children are born with a healthy curiosity and that it plays a crucial role in them engaging with the world, learning and growing, then why do so many adults appear incurious

Take a quick diagnostic: Have you noticed any of the following symptoms?

  • Inflexibility, cynicism or pessimism
  • Resistance to change or learning
  • Low tolerance for difference, ambiguity or uncertainty
  • Disengaged, unmotivated or lacking initiative
  • Defensive, argumentative (debating)
  • Poor creativity, overwhelmed or imobilised by problems
  • Judgemental of self or others

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complete diagnosis.

Curiosity is oftentimes just a question of punctuation- fewer . and more ?

Welcome to CuriousMind

This site is for anyone curious about curiosity. Whether you're a parent, educator, business or community leader or maybe just very curious yourself, you will find this site useful.  Have a look around and please take some time to add any tips or thoughts of your own.

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Professional Development

If you are interested in developing the curiosity quotient (CQ) of your organisation / team / family please look on the "Cultivating Curiosity" page.


Curiosity & Problem Solving

In our haste to find the right answers we frequently overlook the importance of asking the right question.  From the humblest insight to world changing discoveries and innovations, great (curious) questions have driven adaptability and progress.

So rather than another site on problems and solutions what about a forum for better questions? What questions do you think we could be asking?  Below are a few starters, click on them to add your questions.

* If there was a question that could lead  to profound positive change what might it be?

* What is the best question you’ve   heard?

*What is the best question you’ve asked yourself?

Curious Quote of the Day “I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
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